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48 States

I finally have been to all 48 contiguous United States as of this past weekend. Maine was the last one on my list. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have played and visited all 48 states in my life so far, Alaska and Hawaii being the last two and hardest to get to from where I live.

Maine is beautiful country and I had some of the best lobster one could catch. I stayed on Sebago Lake with friends in their family cabin. Life stood still this weekend and it’s always hard coming back to urban life from that pause. I grew up in the Southeast and have lived here my whole life. Every time I visit New England or New York, I find myself wanting to live their full-time. Most of my literary and music heroes have spent part of their lives up there. I’d like that eventually too. The energy just feels right and the air seems like home. I want to ditch my car and just carry my amp and guitar through the NYC subway. Write from a window overlooking some dilapidated factory building or bustling park. I want to smell the salty air from the Atlantic Ocean and know that I’m a stones throw from a major ocean again. I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico and never realized how much being landlocked is like being claustrophobic. Humans were meant to be next to the ocean, we came from it after all. Maine is beautiful country to visit if you ever get the chance to get up there.