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First Solo Show w/ Mandolin

The first time I ever did a solo show was in 2012 at the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Pete, FL. Someone asked if I could fill a few hours of music for a gala party, I said yes. Fake it until you make it? I literally taught myself mandolin and looping in a weekend. I’ve come a long way since then, but I will never forget this night and how much Dalí is probably still doing drugs in heaven.

Rolling Stones Circus

I wish I was alive in 1968. They didn't have Urban Outfitters, Instagram, and bluetooth headphones back then. Things were crap I'm sure, but more simple, real, authentic, and sassy. I'll never forget going to Borders Books and Music (RIP) after wrestling practice in high school with my Mom and Dad when they became friends again and I saw this on DVD. It changed my life seeing this era captured in one night in London, felt like home to me. Taj Mahal, The Who, John Lennon, Brian Jones playing maracas, etc.